Vaccinating your pet protects them and other pets around the region from infection. Puppies and kittens are at a higher risk of contracting contagious viruses and require more vaccinations than adults. Adult pets will require regular vaccinations to maintain their immunity. Every animal is different, so we recommend booking in for a complete general health checkup with one of our knowledgeable veterinarians to determine the best protection for your pet.


In the unfortunate event that your pet gets lost, microchipping greatly improves the chance of you being reunited. All dogs and cats in Australia are legally required to be microchipped by law.

Microchipping involves inserting a tiny chip into the back of your pet’s neck, which has a unique number. This number, along with your name, address, and contact details, is then registered with the council to be used in the event of your pet being found.

We recommend microchipping your pet at the same time as their first vaccination, and we even offer a microchip and vaccination combination deal.

Parasite Control

Parasites, like fleas, ticks, and worms, can make your pets feel unwell and can even cause long-term damage. Visit us to learn about the range of parasite preventatives available to keep your pet safe.


Regular grooming is essential foyour pets health and wellbeing. Brushing, clipping and shaving your pet’s fur keeps mats from forming, stops stray hairs from moulting, and can provide relief from the summer heat.  Grooming your pet at home can be difficult if your pet is stressed or moves around too much. Come see us for a clipping service and we can provide light sedation to keep your pet relaxed while we groom them.   We also perform nail clipping for all small animals, including dogs, cats, birds and pocket pets. This service is free when you’re in for a consultation.   In all of our grooming services, we aim to keep your pet as comfortable as possible by giving them treats, kind words and plenty of cuddles. 

Behavioural Advice 

Our veterinarians can provide behavioural advice if your pet is acting differently or their behaviour is causing you concern.  

Book an appointment if your pet is displaying any of the following behaviours:




Destructive tendencies








Toileting issues


Socialisation issues