Leptospirosis Update – August 2022

Another confirmed positive case of Leptospirosis

We saw our first confirmed positive case of Leptospirosis this week, in a dog that resided in New Lambton Heights. It is with great sadness that we report the effects of the disease proved fatal. This case brings the total case number in the Newcastle Hunter region up to 5 since April, and 3 in the Southcoast area.

What used to be recognised as a rare disease in dogs, has now become an increasing threat to our household pets. Infection can occur via contact with the mouth, nose, and eyes, or abraded skin through contact with contaminated soil, water or food. Contamination can be from rodents or other infected animals defecating or urinating.

Symptoms can unfortunately be very broad, ranging from inappetence, lethargy, or vomiting, to liver failure and organ shut-down. It is a zoonotic disease, which means it can pass to humans.

The recommendation is to vaccinate all dogs living in the Newcastle region. The vaccine is effective against the common strain and requires one initial vaccine, with a booster 2 weeks later, then yearly while there is still an increased threat.

At our clinic, we have rapid test kits that can detect the infection on-the-spot, as well as outsourced laboratory testing. We take all the necessary precautions when a suspected case is brought to our clinic, with an isolation ward and personnel.

Please take precautions to avoid you or your pet becoming infected. Avoid contact with urine from your pets, wash your hands after patting, especially before eating, avoid contact with stagnant water, and make sure to wash all fruit and vegetables before eating.

Call us on (02) 49556670 or 0475 697 785 to book in your dog’s vaccine, or book now online.

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