Medicating your pet at home

Medicating your pet isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Some dogs are very fussy with tablets, and some cats take-off at just the mere sound of the blister pack! Here we detail the ins and outs of medication use at home, and why it is so important to stick to the prescribed dose set out by your veterinarian.

The importance of the correct dose

There are many types of medications we may prescribe for use at home. This ranges from general worming and antibiotic tablets, to injections for diabetic patients. Whether a tablet, oral liquid or an injection, each dose is formulated specifically to a set of factors. These include:

  • Your pet’s weight and body condition
  • Your pet’s health condition or severity of the issue
  • The drug’s mode of action and therapeutic range

It is important to ensure that the dose that you give your pet is what has been prescribed. This is due to some medications have a very narrow therapeutic range, and changing the dose even slightly may have drastic consequences. Increasing the dose may not necessarily improve your pet’s condition (as some medications’ mode-of-action doesn’t work that way), but could result in unwanted side effects. Some medications, for example, are purely based on weight and not the severity of the condition, therefore increasing it won’t aid in alleviating symptoms.

Our free service

Our staff are always here to help you medicate your pet smoothly, accurately, and stress-free! If you have a question about dosages, the best way to medicate, symptoms, or any other questions, you can call or email for free service over the phone. We don’t necessarily have to examine your pet to change their medication schedule. Our veterinary nurses can answer most questions, or consult your pet’s veterinarian for further clarification. If you’re thinking about changing your pet’s medication dose, we would much rather you contact us first. If we do need to examine your pet, often we provide this at a reduced revisit consultation cost.

Did you know, our free service also includes medicating your pet for you!? Come in any time if you’re having trouble medicating your pet at home, and our nurses can provide assistance. There may be a small charge for everyday visits, however, for most occasions, our nurses can pop that pet pill down easy-peasy for no extra cost.

We love your pets as much as you do, and want the best care for them possible. If you have any questions about their treatment plan or medication, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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