Which dog breed is right for me?

If you’re thinking of bringing a dog into your life, there are a few things to consider before making such a big decision.  

Finding the right dog for your lifestyle is a matchmaking process.

Canines are well-known for their mood-boosting loyalty, kindness and energy, but each dog breed has their own characteristics and personality traits that suit certain environments. 

We’ve created a fun quiz to help you discover which dog breed might be right for you. Take the quiz and be one step closer to finding your perfect canine companion.


1. Where do you live?

1 point – City apartment

2 points – House or apartment near a park

3 points – House with yard

Imagine having a Great Dane dog prancing around your city apartment. Choosing a dog that fits your space comfortably is an important consideration.


2. How playful is your ideal dog?

1 point – Not very

2 points – A little playful

3 points – Quite playful

You want a dog that matches your energy levels, your capacity to take the dog out for the adequate amount of exercise, and the space you have at home to move around in.

3. Do you think you’ll enjoy training your dog?

1 point – I don’t really have the time

2 points – I would like my dog to know the basics

3 points – Yes, I would like a very obedient dog 

Is obedience a quality you value in a dog? Are you willing to put in the time to train the dog to that standard?


4. How often are you home?

1 point – I’m a socialite and rarely home

2 points –    I’m usually home on weekends and afternoons, depends on the week

3 points –   I’m almost always home

Dogs are companion pets for their owners, but it’s a two-way relationship. Dogs need a mate for attention and stimulation. For most dog breeds vets recommend a daily walk and regular playtime.

5. Can I afford a dog?

1 point – Not right now

2 points – Yes, but it will be tight

3 points – Yes, definitely

6. Can I afford my dog’s annual health care (like vaccinations) and treatment if they obtain an injury or illness?

1 point – Not right now

2 points – Yes, but it will be tight

3 points – Yes, definitely

It’s unfortunately quite common for a pet owner not be able to afford their pet’s treatments. This means the care of the pet can be compromised and leaves the pet owner with a few hard decisions to make.


7. Who do you live with?

1 point – It’s just me

2 points – Family and friends are around

3 points – My place is very lively with people

Some dog breeds are happy to hang out at home alone for the most part, while others crave attention and love to play. Who will be around give them the stimulation they need?


8. How active do you want to be with your dog?

1 point – I don’t have a lot of spare time

2 points – I enjoy company on daily walks

3 points – Quite active

For the best long-term outcome, you need a dog that suits your lifestyle. Will you be taking your dog with you on a run or are you a homebody who’s looking for a dog to cuddle up with in front of the TV? Maybe you’re somewhere in between?


Note: Not all dogs are breed typical, meaning the dog may not show personality and character traits associated to their breed.


What did you score?

7 – 10 points Not yet

A dog needs company and attention. An active social and work life may result in a lonely dog. We suggest waiting for when the time is right, and you have the right space and environment for your fur-ever friend.

11 – 14 points Loyal companion

You’re looking for a companion, a fuss-free friend who is not too active and likes hanging out.

Dog breeds like shi-tzus, Bulldogs, Poodle-cross, Greyhound and Cavaliers are your best match.

 15 – 18  Fun, family playmate

You’ve got time, energy, and space to play, as well as family and friends to help give your dog the attention it needs. You want to be out in nature with your dog and you’ll love showing off their new tricks.

Consider breeds like Staffies, Jack Russell Terriers, Whippet, Golden Retrievers and Pugs.

 19 – 21 Active training buddy

You love running and outdoor activities. You’re looking for a mate to accompany you on adventures. You want a dog that likes meeting others and is excited to learn new things.

Your new fur friend could be a Kelpie, Border Collie, Labrador or a Huskie.

When you’ve found the dog breed that suits you, it’s time to start preparing to introduce them into your home!

We have bunch of great resources on our website to help you be the best pet parent you can be. Check out our tips on welcoming a new puppy into your home and find more information on our news section on the website.

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