Does your pet have a urinary issue?

Urinary issues can arise at any time, even for a mature and well-trained pet. These issues can have many causes, either medical or behavioural.


Urinary issues are often caused by increased stress or a changed environment. It’s essential to know when things are unusual and to get help for your pet as soon as possible.


The signs of a urinary issue


If your male cat was desexed before they were five, pay close attention to his urinating habits. Male cats have very narrow urethras, and urinary problems are more likely to escalate to life-threatening blockages as a result.


Symptoms of a pet urinary issue include:


  • Urinating in different areas of the house
  • Making strange noises or looking like they’re in pain while urinating/straining
  • Blood in your pet’s urine
  • Chronic diarrhoea (mainly in dogs)
  • Licking their genitals excessively


Dealing with a urinary issue


There are a few simple things to try if you think your pet’s urinary issue may be a behavioural problem.

Firstly, if you’ve just moved house, your pet may need additional house training. Pets tend to get quite comfortable in their setting, so changing things up can cause confusion and anxiety for them.




A different type of litter or an unclean litter tray can cause them to use other places in the house for toileting. Change up the texture of your cat’s litter, or give their litter tray an extra clean using gentle cleaning products. If you have more than one cat, purchase the equal amount of litter trays (plus one extra) and keep them far apart. Cats like their privacy too!




If dogs start urinating inside, it may be because something has spooked them outdoors. You can try going outside with them so they feel comfortable again and can get back to their good habits.


Products to support urinary health


There’s a range of medications available to combat a pet urinary issue. Cystophan and Cystopro are capsule supplements that support urinary strength. Pro-Kolon+ is the leading probiotic supplement for dogs and cats, and Synbiotic D-C is a probiotic and prebiotic blend. Come see us to learn more about your pet’s medication options.


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